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ATE is Germany’s leading designers and manufacturers of brake systems with over 100 years experience supplying brake technology to the world’s famous brands.

Exceptional brakes need exceptional service standards to ensure that the design criteria that meets the strict ECE-R90 Directive is maintained.

German Auto is an ATE Authorised Brake Centre, having passed the multiple assessments so as to ensure that the design standards are maintained.

ATE Original Brakes

If safety is your first thought as it is for ATE, consider the fact that in some of the braking tests, ATE outperforms the ECE-R90 test, by a staggering 250%. In 4 other critical brake tests

ATE outperform it’s best known European rival by at least 21% and by as much as 76%. It is this exceptional braking ability that creates the reputation for uncompromising safety standards that allows the German ABS (Anti-lock brakes) and Vehicle Stability control systems to function effectively in a split second at Autobahn Speeds.

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ATE Ceramic Low Dust, Long-life Brakes

The secret of  ATE’s New Technology Ceramic Brake Pads is the innovative Fibre Technology, which during braking, produces a “Transfer Film” onto the brake disc. This protects the brake disc from excessive wear which results in Less Black Brake Dust and Longer Life of the brake components. The lower operating temperatures.

Also allows for more effective braking performance during repeated applications. ATE are so certain of their Ceramic Brake life, that they are the only company to offer a documented “Warranty” for 3 years or 50,000 km. Apart from the great appearance of Clean Wheels, the benefits are also great for the environment as there is less use of harmful cleaning agents or precious water. Of course, ATE Ceramic Brake Pads also exceed the strict requirements of the ECE-R90 directive.

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